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Music & Tech

Calling Up All Tech & Music Startups

Do you have an interesting story to tell about your startup? For those of you geeks out there who want to think that you have invented a pretty darn good app, Music News Asia is currently looking for some exquisite creators and their creatives to feature on our Tech Series….

The Goldfish Syndrome is Forcing the Music Industry To Evolve

While the music industry, just like many other industry online, is facing challenges in digitizing and distributing music online, labels and music marketers are increasingly looking into new ways that would market music effectively, which is also due to an increasing number of artists and producers churning out new works…

Brands & People

Ex-Spotify Distributor Soundrop Relaunches Platform for YouTubers

Music distribution services are gradually emerging and highlighting their very own features to attract various demands and needs. As for Soundrop, it recently announced their return with their digital-first distribution for the YouTube users after being acquired by CD Baby. Distribution is often an afterthought by recording artists, and they…