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Music & Tech

Singapore-Based Music Platform Seeks Marketing Manager

Liberty Park Music, an online music education platform, is now seeking a Marketing Manager to implement its marketing strategies and plans. The Singapore startup, an online music school that teaches music via high-quality video, is calling for the right candidate to manage marketing campaigns on digital platforms including Facebook, Google,…

Topic Focus at SF Music Tech Summit

Shout out to all music geeks out there! San Francisco Music Tech Summit will be tackling some of the most relevant issues facing artists, producers and songwriters at this year’s event. The ultimate Silicon Valley mindset combined with music, it is the assembly of some of the most innovative ideas…

Brands & People

QRATES Vinylises Music

Some of the best things [sounds] in life do come in the form of a vinyl held in your hand. QRATES, a crowdfunding platform for on-demand vinyl, is a startup that envisions the the power of vinyl bringing back the nostalgic moments of a retro hobby; to produce vinyl that you have…

Google’s Interest to Acquire SoundCloud

After the recent whisper over Spotify’s interest to acquire SoundCloud, some speculated the end is drawing near for the loss-making streaming platform. Since the recent revelation of Sony and Universal’s stakes with the Berlin-based company, we’ve also heard about Google’s interest in snapping up SoundCloud, which now boasts more than…

How To Market Your Content on Social Media with Jennie Sager

Jennie Sager, Director of Music Entertainment at Twitter, has recently attended the Mumbrella Entertainment Marketing Summit in Sydney, Australia. She shares her views on how artists could maximise their efforts through the powerful resources of social media and in this case Twitter, the world’s most active site for opinions and trends…