Apple Music Seeks Digital Marketing Manager in Singapore

Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and many music providers are trying to tap into Asia hoping to have a piece of the pie. Some of Asia's biggest player so far comes from China and providers such as QQ Music is running the stream with a lesser subscription rate hoping to gain for volume sale.

Apple has recently posted an ad on LinkedIn seeking for a 6-month contract position to be based in Singapore. The position has clearly stated that the position they are looking for will be to develop, implement, track and optimise digital marketing campaigns for Apple Music and the App Store across South East Asia.

Some of the skills required to perform in the position include paid media optimisation, strong technical understanding of ad tracking, audience segmentation, campaign strategy and multi-channel advertising executions.

Apple Music, Spotify and many other music providers are fighting to stay competitive in the Asian market and are expanding their network to drive subscription users. QQ Music from Tencent is also offering subscription-based service providing less than what other international labels are offering but hoping to gain more on volume by lowering price.

Click here for the full job description.

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