Singapore-Based Music Platform Seeks Marketing Manager

Music education via online platform reaches out to clients who may want to take lessons but does not have a fix time to allow to attend a class or have a private lesson.

Liberty Park Music, an online music education platform, is now seeking a Marketing Manager to implement its marketing strategies and plans. The Singapore startup, an online music school that teaches music via high-quality video, is calling for the right candidate to manage marketing campaigns on digital platforms including Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

Another role that we’ve been consistently seeing growth in the music industry as well is the willingness to build data and track the campaigns performances with Google Analytics and other tools.

Some of the most successful startup and ideas come from Asia with India leading as the most entrepreneurial country so far. Singapore has been leading recently with more tech conference creating a whole new opportunity for tech enthusiast to be part of this growing online community.

For more details about this job, please click here.

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