Spotify Seeks Music Editor For The Philippines

The EDM culture is in slow demand and growing underground culture in the Philippines

Spotify is seeking a new Music Editor to join its Content Programming team in its Singapore office. As stated in its recently published job ad, this position will oversea the content curation for the market in the Phlippines.

Streaming services are looking to set up content and programming team in Asia to gain more users that would eventually turn to paying subscribers. Just last month, MNA has also identified another role Apple Music was seeking to fill in Singapore.

Besides being an expert in the local music scene in the Philippines, the role also specifically prefers that the potential applicant has ‘experience in programming music, previous management level work in the music or entertainment industry….and the ability to work with and respond to data and analytics’.

Spotify is seeks to gain market knowledge in the Philippines seeing a rise in the International Artists focus market, the growing demand in underground culture, and its declining demand for electronic music.

For full details of the position offered, please click here.

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