Line Music Joins Effort with Tuned Global to Boost Japan Streaming Market

Line Music joins effort with Tuned Global to Japan Streaming Market

Tuned Global, a leading mobile engagement company using music as key content, has recently announced that it has signed an agreement with Japan’s leading music streaming service LINE MUSIC, to beef up its music catalogue in a short timeframe.

After Omnifone’s closure, LINE, a worldwide messenger service was on the lookout for an experienced music technology company with strong music label relationships, and a robust and highly scalable platform to ingest millions of tracks quickly to delight its 220 million global MAU (Monthly Active Users) of LINE MUSIC in Japan.

Tuned Global have worked with reputable brands like Samsung Mobile, News Limited, Universal Music, Coles and JB Hi-Fi. It has transitioned all its systems to the cloud with Amazon Web Services and used this highly scalable infrastructure to collaborate rapidly with LINE MUSIC’s engineering team.

Line Music allows its users to send their music to friends who uses the Line Music app and may also simultaneously listen to the same song.
Line Music allows its users to send their music to friends who uses the Line Music app and may also simultaneously listen to the same song.

So, what is Intaga?

Tuned Global built a technology called Intaga to allow it to administer all aspects of catalogue management. Through Intaga, Tuned Global is able to ingest massive volume of incoming files from record labels and deliver content in the appropriate format to LINE MUSIC. Tuned Global has recently ingested many millions of tracks over a 24-hour period, its systems scaling automatically to achieve the time frame goal. This process would haven taken 30 days to finish in the past – it is unique in the industry.

From collaborating with multiple international record labels for rights management, to the technical competence to deliver quickly, it also gave LINE MUSIC confidence that communication lines are always open to manage day-to-day operations with full transparency. This collaboration has resulted in the commission of a local representative to help understand the Japanese business culture and nurture a long-term relationship with LINE MUSIC’s Japanese executives

LINE MUSIC is integrated into Japan’s #1 instant messaging service LINE. Users can effortlessly send music or playlists directly to friends or groups on the LINE app’s chat screen or share them on their timeline. Songs sent by users in the LINE app can be played inside the app’s chat and timeline screens.

Line Music is currently available only in Japan and Thailand. It was downloaded 6.2 million times within the first months of availability. So far, it has 33 million registered users in Thailand and 58 million in Japan. It has signed major labels in Thailand that include RS Music, BEC-TERO, SpicyDisc and What The Duck.

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