Streaming vs Radio in Malaysia

Spotify commissions TNS to survey the Spotify users in Malaysia

Spotify released a brief article about the listening behaviour of Malaysians in a survey conducted through 2220 respondents last year. Commissioned by Spotify, TNS, a global market-research company investigated the trends in the streaming market – comparing the reach of traditional radio and how users behaviour vary when they switched or starting streaming music through Spotify.

TNS has found, unsurprisingly, that more Malaysians are converting from traditional music listening medium to online streaming benchmarking against more than 15 radio networks. The study has also shown other insights and identified some key Malaysian consumer behaviour.

The app, which allows users to share their music, is creating more buzz than any radio listeners and users have been seen more as social influencers than anything else. These consumers are not only listening to music, but are 3.5x more likely to shop at least one a year for gaming consoles; 2.5x more likely to shop at least once a year for tech gadgets and phones; and also 2.1x more likely to shop once a month on make-up or clothing.

Regional Vice President of Sales for Spotify in Asia commented that more users are creating and listening to playlists based on moments in their lives. We’ve now passed the first quarter of 2017 and as trends continue to change and ideas emerge, we are also witnessing users switch from traditional radio and how streaming is complementing this change.

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