UK Festival Debuts In Bali Come September #StarsandRabbits #AltJ #Rudimental

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When we think that knowledge can be an infinite conquest through life, we are also seeing the never ending story to some of the festival spirits that started in good old England. When I first moved to London in 2005, never had I thought the festival culture can play such an important role in various seasons of the year. While some of us may have already seen the mud and rain, the tents dripping with humidity, the Sainsbury vodkas, from Amy Winehouse on stage alongside My Bloody Valentine and Underworld (2008) to Massive Attack, Kraftwerk and Lily Allen in 2009 – you get what I mean, others may just be wondering how it would be like. Well, wait no more as Bestival Bali is slightly 3 months away, you get to see what we see, guys!

That feeling all swooped me by my feet this week when Bestival announced its edition in Bali for the coming September. While Bestival may have been an earlier version of Wonderfruit in Thailand, it has not ceased to remain charming, at the same time, played such a huge success in getting down and dirty when it comes to keeping things green. As the founding member of the Greener Festival Alliance, it has made some incredible moves supporting several Isle of Wight-based charities and youth organisations including the Isle of Wight Youth Trust and Isle of Wight Toy Appeal. In previous festival sites, they have also worked with small and non-apologetic schemes such as Bike to Bestival, LiftShare, tackling recycling and managing waste, monitoring power usage and limiting water usage to commissioning Environmental Impact Assessments.

Costumes remain a huge attraction for anyone going to Bestival - which won them a World Guinness Record. Image courtesy from
Costumes remain a huge attraction for anyone going to Bestival – which won them a World Guinness Record. Image courtesy from

Since then, it was all about seeing a child grow from infancy to adolescence and sublime headliners, including Florence and the Machine, Stevie Wonder, Snoop Dog, Fatboy Slim, Elton John, Wu-Tang Clan, Disclosure, Major Lazer, Sam Smith, Clean Bandit, Duran Duran and the list goes on, come and go like popping candy.

As for the present, Bestival is taking the brand to Asia for the first time and headliners struck me as cute and semi-risky. While all performers – Alt-J, Rudimental, Rob Da Bank, Purity King, Stars and Rabbits – are all incredible and have significant followers, it hasn’t commissioned the allure although. It is still too early to say since it is happening on one of the most visited islands in South Asia – Bali, Indonesia. Are we creating a little mini-Dorset here in Bali or are we expecting an influx of British visiting Bali at the very beginning of fall to escape the cold? None of this mattered, of course. On a more humorous note, it is definitely upping its ‘reggae’ list most stereotypically known of Bali.

MNA’s pick for the Bestival Bali? Without a doubt, it would have to be the Yogyakarta, Indonesian duo – Stars and Rabbits. Come join us at one of the most awarded festivals in the world. For more information on how to get to Bestival, click here.

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