5 Reasons Why Your Song Needs To Be Online #SpotifyTalks #Singapore

From left to right: Moderator Steven Chia with panelists Calvin Wong (President, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Korea, Warner Music), Chee Meng, Tan (Director of Artist & Label Services, Spotify, APAC), Sunita Kaur (Managing Director, Spotify, Asia), Linying (Artist) and, Kevin Foo (Director, Foundation Music, Co-Founder, Umami Records & Beep Studios)

Spotify Singapore has recently organised its very first session of Spotify Talks dealing with the subject matter of ‘Looking Beyond the Music’ featuring a panel discussion to explore the trends in the music scene. Attended by industry professionals, the talk focus on how music streaming is changing ways how artists and songs break, and how people discover and listen to music.

Here are just 5 reasons why Spotify think streaming is the next most powerful tool in breaking any songs.

1. Music streaming platforms are transforming the music ecosystem and revolutionising the experience of its music fan.
Dominating the scene and the world, streaming continues to give unimaginable data with growing revenues as much as 57% in the first quarter of 2016 alone, also translating to 50 percent of total digital revenues.

2. Online analytics can give a detailed account as to how music is being consumed.
The first few seconds of a song may dictate if a listener will stay on or leave, thus, has changed the way songs are being created. Instant gratification is what we crave for in music.

3. What do you mean by mainstream music?
Gone are the days when music is driven by radio popularity. Mainstream songs are depended on what users like and don’t like and data are constantly recalibrating using the regular choices made by each user. With over 2 billion existing playlists on Spotify, it’s certain that users are their own music experts.

4. Story of your life in a Playlist
While many of us would write or sing about our experience in life, many have used their specially curated playlists as a personal statement based on events and moments in life. Wouldn’t it be fun to check out what songs are on your best friend’s playlists?

5. Direct artists-to-fan engagement
Streaming has not only helped expand the reach of any artists, but also made the world a smaller and cosier place for artists to interact with fans. Spotify’s 140 million music users are already on the platform and that means, just another step closer to reaching its fans. While streaming services may not be involved in artists management, it can definitely provide guidelines via data collected to labels and artists to build a stronger international profile.

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