Laidback Luke’s Guide to Quick Production

The anticipation could be felt in the air in the small room of no more than 30 people, all producers, DJs, and other related people in the music industry. Laidback Luke is sitting already on stage 10 minutes before the start of the workshop working bringing up a template for a song he’s worked on with MADEINJUNE.

Everyone has flown in from around the world to Shanghai for the International Music Summit Asia Pacific to watch and learn from the man himself who pioneered the modern era of dance music.

He starts his workshop exactly how he starts with his production process, with concepts. Avoiding the more technical aspects of this production method, Laidback Luke starts by going through the main topics of the workshop.

Sharing his secrets, he reminds everyone that the one constant that you’ll have to do is to keep your ears fresh. One of the biggest mistakes that most people do would be to be so laser-focused on a problem and replaying the same sounds again and again.

He shares a small story of how during one of his production sessions he walked away into the shower and ended up with an amazing hook. Other methods of keeping fresh he shares included gradually bringing the volume of the various elements lower and lower to the point that it becomes inaudible. When you’ve reached that point, bring it back to full volume to hear what has changed. Your ears would stay rested and your mind would be clearer.

Laidback Luke's Workshop at IMS Asia Pacific in Shanghai 2017
Laidback Luke’s Workshop at IMS Asia Pacific in Shanghai 2017

Moving on to the next point, Luke shares an anecdote about the time he worked with Swedish House Mafia on Leave The World Behind where he sits next to Steve Angelo for 4 hours listening to him EQ a reverb. The room breaks into laughter as he reminds them that they too have probably done the same and that it was an important point when producing your music.

Overthinking, he says, has been the reason why many beginner producers are constantly stuck tweaking their music and never releasing it. He brings up that it is better to have something out there than to pursue perfection. By pursuing perfection, you drain yourself of enthusiasm while seeking something elusive and almost impossible to attain.

Finally, he reminds everyone that it’s alright to use a sound that you’ve discovered before or that someone else has made. It is not a crime to use something that is publicly available and it makes a lot more sense to use something done over re-creating something just for the sake of originality.

To end it off, Laidback Luke closes the workshop bringing up a point on the future of sound. Relating back to his earlier statements in the keynote the day before, when making music he encourages people to look towards new sounds and original ideas.

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EKO was recently attending Laidback Luke's workshop at IMS Shanghai 201
EKO was recently attending Laidback Luke’s workshop at IMS Shanghai 201

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