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Spotify’s First Day At NYSE Closed At $149.01

While some of us are still in the celebratory mood of Spotify’s launch in new territories such as South Africa, Vietnam, Israel and Romania, many more of us waited to see the reaction of the world, more specifically when Spotify started trading at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) yesterday….

Axwell ^ Ingrosso, Spinnin’ Records & DWP to Speak at IMS Asia-Pacific

A2Live host IMS Asia-Pacific to include industry leaders from Spinnin’ Records, Deckstar, DWP-Djakarta Warehouse Project, Wonderfruit, Livescape, Net Ease Cloud Music, Sony Music, and international artists include Axwell ^ Ingrosso in the two-day summit to explore the issues and opportunities surrounding electronic dance music. Net Ease To Present Music Report at IMS…

Malaysian Appointed Chairman of IFPI Asia-Pacific Regional Board

IFPI Asia-Pacific Regional Board has recently appointed Dato’ Norman Abdul Halim, Executive President and Group Chief Executive Officer of KRU Group as the Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Regional Board of International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), the organisation representing the recording industry worldwide. Dato’ Norman Halim is the Executive…

Editor’s Highlight at Music Matters

Music Matters first day wraps up with some of the biggest names from the Chinese music industry discussing topics that are affecting regionally and at a global scale. The subject of streaming and China popped up at every opportuned-discussion pulling and tugging at each other like an engaged couple; a…