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Digital Consumerism by Millennials in Asia

Millennials are learning, shopping and entertaining themselves via apps, stores and sites online. But does that mean they are no longer visiting a physical store or heading out? Conversation by eMarketer finds a panel from the UK and U.S to discuss how Millennials are consuming content online touching topics on…

Ex-Spotify Distributor Soundrop Relaunches Platform for YouTubers

Music distribution services are gradually emerging and highlighting their very own features to attract various demands and needs. As for Soundrop, it recently announced their return with their digital-first distribution for the YouTube users after being acquired by CD Baby. Distribution is often an afterthought by recording artists, and they…

Facebook Seeks Director of Global Music Licensing Partnerships

The social media mogul, which currently boasts a 1.7 billion monthly users worldwide, is currently seeking to recruit a Global Music Licensing Partnerships. Is Facebook going into the streaming business? This news may not come as a surprise to many of those who are well-versed in the music streaming business….

Pentatonix Attends Music Matters Conference

Pentatonix, a multi-award winning a cappella group from Texas, finds time in their busy schedule to join Music Matters Conference in Singapore and speak about their career from how they formed the band, winning the third season of Sing-Off at NBC, recording to travelling the world. With over 11 million YouTube subscribers…